Run 2000 FAQs

Here we shall educate you to avoid your endless emails:

  1. When will the 2000th celebration weekend be? 24th to 26th March 2017
  2. Where will it be? Southdowns YHA, Southease, BN8 6LS
  3. Where the hell is Southease? It is in East Sussex between Lewes and Newhaven. It is in the sunny south of England on the South Downs Way. Click on the post code above for a map of the area.
  4. How do I get there?
    • By train from Brighton:  Take a Southern train to Seaford, get off at Southease and walk 0.1 miles (3 minutes) east
    • By train from Hastings or Eastbourne:  Take a Southern train to Lewes.  Change to a Seaford train and get off at Southease
    • By train from London:  Take a Southern train from London Victoria or London Bridge to Lewes, Change trains to Seaford and get off at Southease station
    • By air: Gatwick is the nearest airport, take a train as per the London instructions
    • By sea: Take a ferry to Newhaven Harbour from various French ports.  There are direct trains from Newhaven Harbour to Southease.
  1. What train ticket should I buy? By a ticket to Southease. If you are doing the pub crawl and coming from London/Gatwick Airport you can break your journey in Brighton with this ticket (you won’t need to buy another one).
  2. What other events could I be doing? Why would you ask? We are aware of a clash with Hamersley 2000th (Perth, Australia)
  3. Do I have to pay in sterling? Yes
  4. Is the weekend all inclusive? No, the pub crawl is “pay as you go” and we are working on making all drinks at the venue inclusive but we can’t guarantee it at this time.
  5. Are there shops, banks, ATMs, etc. walking distance from the venue? No, bring what you think you will need. There may be an opportunity Saturday afternoon to restock.
  6. What do I do with my bag if I start on the pub crawl? The committee is organising baggage pick up for crawlers. Your bags will be taken to the venue and you will be reunited with them when you get there.
  7. What do I need to bring? A towel (although they can be hired for £2), hash gear,  ‘Brighton at the Beach’ party wear, and beer money for the pub crawl (and a bit extra if we can’t cover all drink at the venue).
  8. What will the weather be like? Unfortunately, the RAs can’t guarantee warm and sunny conditions. High temperatures should be in the low to mid-teens which is perfect hashing conditions!